About the Company

Trident Research Group LLC is a licensed & insured, full service intelligence and investigative firm specializing in surveillance and covert operations.  Whether domestic, infidelity, or child custody situations, insurance & worker’s compensation claims, or complex, long-term counter-corporate espionage cases, we are able to provide the solutions clients deserve.

We can tailor reporting to meet the client’s needs, either using the client’s systems and templates, or provide the client access to our proprietary secure case management system, allowing clients access to real-time reports, updates, case notes, video and media.

Our video and media is second to none, providing steady, focused, time & date stamped video clearly labeled and ready for court presentation.  If requested, we will store the raw, unedited original media for 5 years.

We take a very proactive approach toward each and every investigation.  Each case, no matter how simple or complex, has an objective. We are focused on the objective, utilizing various tools, tradecraft and cutting edge technologies to create an ideal environment to meet the objective/s if need be.

Our Data Services for licensed attorneys, investigators, adjusters and other professionals provides the most comprehensive and complete reporting on subjects in the industry.  All reporting is a flat rate fee so there are no surprises, no add-on fees, no monthly subscriptions, just the information you need tailored exactly how you request.  From Employment Screening/Backgrounds to global Asset Searches, you get the very best from Trident Research Group.