Trust, but verify. There are numerous reasons why someone would suspect a spouse or significant other of being unfaithful and/or untruthful. There are just as many reasons why someone would want definitive proof of such activity. Knowing one way or the other, it gives one piece of mind having the knowledge to deal with the situation. It empowers one to handle the situation objectively and removes any back and forth, excuse ridden dialogue. It may be as simple as verifying what a companion tells you is true before proceeding further with a relationship, “testing” a companion, or a complex pending divorce where child custody, assets, and sums of money are vulnerable.

Digital Forensics

Trident Research Group is your trusted professional for thorough and timely handling of digital evidence. Our Certified Forensic Examiners have decades of experience in digital data recovery, and provides expert digital forensics consulting and services for legal professionals, as well as corporations, governments and individuals. Whether simply wanting to retrieve deleted text messages from the phone or laptop of a child or significant other, or attempting to recover evidence for a homicide investigation, Trident Research Group can achieve your goals. Trident Research Group can handle all the digital components of your evidence gathering, discovery and production, so your firm can focus on the case essentials and achieve your client objectives.

Litigation Support

Case Review, trial prep, surveillance with court-ready videography / photography, witness interviews, evidence gathering, deep background checks, asset searches, prompt, clear & concise reports, due deligence.

Background Investigations

Background Investigations Our background investigations are more than an employment background check or database search. We have the resources and global connections to dive deep into a target’s history, locating assets, associates, criminal & civil records and much more. So much more, that we often stay in constant contact with clients of this service for daily direction and updates. With this service we require clients to set “cost intervals”, where client costs never exceed set limits without their prior approval.

Corporate Espionage / Trade Secrets

Many companies may be unaware they are the targets of espionage, but it’s happening everyday. Often thought of as something only the Chinese do to gain economic advantage, the truth is- anyone- be it a competitor, a disgruntled employee, or a foreign government will, and is stealing from you for reasons to numerous to mention. And under the right circumstances, or enough money presented, they will give/trade/sell your information. Call us to discuss your particular situation and let us provide solutions to fit your needs.

Competive Intelligence

There can be a fine line between Competive Intelligence and Industrial Espionage, don’t walk it alone. Think of competive intelligence as the early identification of opportunities and risks in situations before it becomes obvious. Then these opportunities or risks can be exploited and/or mitigated efficiently.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Not just for governments or sensitive high-level corporate executives anymore. With the ability to purchase sophisticated eavesdropping equipment online now, the need to be assured your conversations and meetings are secure is more important than ever. Trust us, employees, staff, vendors, “friends”, even family members can too easily gain information, or record you and others, in conversations and situations you Do Not want recorded. Most everyone has or will be in a situation, where, if recorded and simply posted to social media anonymously, can and will destroy trust, relationships, careers, and relationships.

Covert / Undercover Operations

As a general rule, everything we do is covert. All research, investigations, surveillance, bug sweeps, everything is conducted covertly unless directed otherwise by the client. We utilize professional methods and tradecraft to operate and obtain information without anyone knowing or leaving a trace, unless that’s what we strategically choose. Undercover operations can reveal evidence and knowledge where nothing else will.

Employment Backgrounds

Employment Backgrounds vary widely based on what the client desires. These can be tailored to suit client needs. Some common employment backgrounds often include Social media information, Associates, Driving records, Vehicle registrations, Consumer Credit reports / records, Criminal records Social Security #, Education records Court / Criminal records,Workers' compensation Bankruptcy, Character references Medical records, Property ownership Military records, State licensing records Drug test records, Past employers Personal references, Incarceration records Sex offender lists, Employment Verifications, And More.

Workman’s Comp / Insurance Claims Fraud

AOE/COE investigations providing court-ready videography, photography, prompt, clear & concise written reports with documented evidence, preliminary, demographic, and background research, all in accordance with all applicable legal codes and statutes. We understand the different facets and variables involved and take careful direction from the client to achieve rapid results.


Second to none, our surveillance produces nothing but the best. We not only record exactly what is required, we record results. We make stuff happen. If a target leaves a home or office, drives to a casino, then to a market, and lastly to get fuel at a gas station, you will know which door he left his home/office from, which games and how much he gambled, what he shopped for and what he purchased, and how much fuel he purchased. Decades of covert surveillance and the best of the newest technology is proof why the most demanding of clients work with us exclusively.

Suspicious Behavior / Activity Checks

We’ve all had the moments where we see something that just doesn’t look right. Or maybe we walk out of a business and think, hmm, that was strange. Perhaps we’ve noticed the same vehicle or person on one too many occasions that seems too coincidental to you. Maybe your thinking about placing a child in day care, and wish you could see how they supervise the children all day while at recess. All these situations are common, and rather inexpensive for the client. Let us know what you’d like to know, and we’ll provide the answers for you, often times within a day or two if not hours.

Asset Location, Verification and/or Recovery

Whether it’s the verification of a leased/financed commercial ice machine in a restaurant, or the insurmountable task of locating the deeply hidden assets of domestic and foreign individuals, businesses or sovereign debtors, we have the strategic partnerships to provide clients with the most successful possible outcome.

Domestic / Child Custody

Domestic and child custody cases demand thorough and well documented investigation. Rarely is anything more important, and emotionally trying for clients. What we reveal in these instances often makes the difference in court cases and litigation. The biggest mistake people make-waiting too long to contact us. Put the facts in your favor and let us save you time and anguish. Client’s objectives often change during these investigations as information and facts come out. We work closley with the client and/or client’s attorney to continuously move in the direction provided by the client.